Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions 
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1. General Terms of Use 
2. Privacy Policy 
3. Information regarding data protection 
4. Cookie Policy 
1. terms of service 
1.1. Ownership of the Site 
1.2.Agreement to Terms of Use

The use of the Portal is subject to the terms and conditions of the website user (hereinafter "User"), the version published by TGC at the time the User accesses her website, in full and free of all terms and conditions contained in this Legal Notice. means accepting the terms. Website. Users should therefore read this Legal Notice carefully each time they use the Portal, as it is subject to change. TGC reserves the right to change the Call Girl Terms and Conditions at any time. Users are obliged to review these Terms periodically. These general conditions of use do not exclude the possibility that certain services of the Portal, due to their special characteristics, may be subject to special conditions of use, which in any case may be viewed by the user before activation. I assume it is possible. 1.3. Purpose

TGC offers the following content, services, benefits, and activities through Callgirlanytimes: "Advertising services through online directories containing contacts with escorts and professionals in the field, advertisements published by the professionals themselves and their distribution".

TGC may, depending on the development and evolution of the company and the sector, extend or modify its portal to new services, activities, or contents, in order to improve the services and the quality of the service provided.

1.4. Conditions of access and use of the portal, acceptance, and responsibility of the user

1.4.1. User's age of majority

Access to Callgirlanytimes is exclusively for people over 18 years old.

TGC may terminate without notice and immediately to those users who, given their circumstances, do not meet or there are indications that they may not meet the requirement of majority.

Users are informed that the existence of mechanisms created by third parties and available via the Internet, in particular, filtering and blocking software, which allows the available content to be limited and, although they are not infallible, are particularly useful for controlling and restricting the materials to which minors may have access.

1.4.2. User condition, quality, and concept

User means any natural or legal person of legal age who accesses Callgirlanytimes, to contemplate, visualize, investigate, search or consult its content, publish an advertisement offering him/herself as an escort or companion, contact a companion or search and locate any offers of interest to him/her. If you access the Portal solely for the purpose of browsing, searching, or displaying information, you are not required to register or submit any data, which is expressly authorized in advance as a registered user of the Portal. However, prior registration may be required to use certain services, such as advertising as a companion or escort or inquiring about one of the services offered on the Portal.

In such cases, you will have to formally register the user or submit your data by filling out the electronic form displayed on the portal.

It is important that users freely, explicitly, and voluntarily consent to the transmission, communication, processing, and disclosure of their personal data to all parties involved.

For this purpose, users must agree to Callgirlanytime's Privacy Policy before submitting their personal data. 1.4.3. Advertisement, prices, and terms of withdrawal agreement

Advertising in some cities on the portal is free of charge. This is why we say ads are free. In cities where no tip is specified, you will need to purchase an additional advertising package to publish your ad.

When requesting advertising as a companion to Callgirlanytimes, TGC will send the above advertisement to the e-mail provided by the registered user to his address or telephone number in order to confirm both the ownership of his last posting on Callgirlanytimes and its content. Send the contents.